April 6, 2010

Spring snow brings me Woe...

Last week we were reaching 50's with spectacular days of sunshine and warmth... Today, not so much!! It is a soft blizzard happening outside my work window that makes me wish I had worn boots to work instead of my mary janes. We are still in the mid 30's and I am ready for Spring to be here now. No more of this white stuff!

Oh, Mother Nature.. what has Alaska done to you to get our hopes up of Spring and then drop a bunch of snow on us?


  1. Dear Beth,

    I loved your pictures, but I don't think I like all the snow. We are in Tupelo, MS today on our way home and it's an unseasonable 93, but it's not humid, so it's okay.

    Keep up the blog and I'll read every word. xoxo, L

  2. Yay! Thanks for reading!! 93 degrees-- oh how I long for just 70 even. :)

    Drive carefully!