April 16, 2011

Arkansas; Part deux.

I'm home from my second trip to Arkansas to see Margaret and her family.  Last time I went in May and it was beautiful and this time in April it was equally as beautiful.  All the trees were budding and flowers were blooming and better than anything-- there was no snow!!

This trip was filled with kids, babies, cooking, relaxing, reading, and three other noteworthy things (not that kids and babies aren't..):
1) Cheese Making
2) The Spa
3) The Horse Races

Cheese Making: The last time I was in Arkansas (two years ago), Margaret had bought a book and the supplies to make cheese. We never found the time to do it so we made time this go-around.  We made Mozzarella Cheese and it was delicious!! It was easier than I thought and although someone gave up at the end (uh hem.. not me).. we still came out with a great end product.

The Spa: Margaret and her family live about 45 minutes away from Hot Springs, Arkansas. This is a historic area of Arkansas with hot spring bath houses.  I decided to treat my friend to a trip to the spa (and after a week with three little ones, I can now imagine how much she needed it!)... Neither one of us had ever been to a spa or had a massage. As someone who doesn't particularly care to be touched by people I don't know- I wasn't sure if I'd like it... 
So, we get to the spa, get in our robes, get in our room and by this point, have not stopped giggling the entire time.  Then the massage started and I was whisked away to a land of ooh's and ahh's..  We had a massage, foot rub and facial and they were all amazing.

 Horse Races: As Marge and I were driving through town we noticed lots of people heading one way.. I asked Marge where they were going and she said very non chalantly, "Probably the horse track"..  I knew immediately I had to join those people!  I had never been to a horse race, never had any desire to go to a horse race, but the mere thought of not going was out of the question.  So, after the spa- to the track we went!!  It truly is amazing the number of people that go, bet, sit all day (inside and out), and watch horses race for about 2 minutes at a time..  I loved it.  I bet on two races and won on two-- total earnings for the day: $15!  Had I not just been rubbed down with oil at the spa, Marge may have had to endure a longer stay at the racetrack..  For the record: Horses are beautiful animals and jockeys are funny little men.. tiny, tiny, men.. (I think seeing them was the best part!)
(my winning tickets)

Overall my trip to Arkansas was great! I loved getting to know Margaret's kiddos and having fun with them.. Marge and I are friends that never should have been-- We worked together at Big Brothers Big Sisters and she didn't like me! :)  Now, she is more like a sister to me than a friend and I am very grateful to have her in my life.
♥ ♥ Geoffrey, Opal, Margaret and Penny Sue ♥ ♥