April 13, 2010

Rain, Snow Or Shine--- It's Camping Time!!

It's technically Spring...even though the forecast is calling for snow this week.
We don't care. We are ready to camp!
I recently purchased a sleeping bag that I was told would ensure me a nice cozy sleep in weather 0 degrees and below. Of course having said that, I don't plan to test it to quite that extreme… Thirty degree temperatures will do it I'm sure.
Having said all of this, I will get to my point: Greg and I are doing our inaugural 2010 camping trip this weekend. We will be heading out to the Eagle River Nature Center (www.ernc.org) where we are far enough away that it seems like real camping but close enough to the warm car if need be. Luckily for us, bears are still in hibernation- at least I think they are... note to self: check on that.
Wish us luck because I think we'll need it!
Pictures of our adventure to follow.
*Note: The picture above is not of my tent or anyone's tent that I know.
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