November 30, 2010

This was pretty Amoosing....

I work in the heart of midtown Anchorage where busy roads lead to numerous businesses and developments.  My office backs up to Cuddy Park which is a busy place for ice skating in the winter and kite flying in the summer.  Surrounding the park is our city library, Lowes and Home Depot.  One day I looked out my window to the park to see 4 HUGE bull moose making their way through the trees.  Every now and then one would butt another one and they'd lock horns.  They slowly made their way from tree to tree not paying any attention to the people on the ice rink or the busy parking lot in front of them.  Regardless of how many times I see moose, I am still in awe of their enormousness...  beautiful creatures those moose.

p.s. you don't ever see bull moose in packs like this..very unusual

November 24, 2010

Last trip of 2010!!

When I first got this job and found out that traveling was part of it I was thrilled. What better way to see the state when it's your job that pays for it, right? Then, after almost 10 trips and 10 hotel rooms, my mindset changed a bit.  My new mindset is that there is no place like home-- seriously! 

With that said, I went to Homer this month.  It's a 4 hour drive south and not the prettiest drive you can do in this state and the furthest south you can go. The bluffs overlook the ocean and you almost get the sense you are on Cape Cod. (or so I've seen from pictures)  Wonderful houses and beautiful views made the drive go a bit slower with my camera constantly snapping shots.  (none of which turned out because I screwed up the settings..oops).  From there I made my way to Homer which has a little saying that goes:         "Homer - A quaint little drinking village with a fishing problem."   
I didn't partake in either thing (well I may have had a few beers). 
It is absolutely beautiful there.. I mean, really beautiful.  Homer overlooks Kachemak Bay and the spit.. the spit is a strip of land that stretches out into the bay and is their main harbor location.  I did my work and then had the time to spend with my old friend Nova and her family. Good times in a great location. I love this state. Enjoy the pictures!

 A beautiful Sunrise
 Kachemak Bay
The Homer Spit

November 10, 2010

Home Sweet Home

I posted a couple of pictures of the outside of my house and so I thought it time to post some of the inside so you can see how small and quaint it is!  I ♥ my house.

 Follow this link: My Little Cabin  to view updated pictures of the inside of my house.