August 18, 2010

That's Ms.Klein to you!

I had a cool thing happen today. 
I signed on to the University of Alaska website that allows me to view the classes that I am registered for this semester.
There is a whole list of current and previous courses I've taken and at the top I see this:

Courses you are teaching:

How cool is that?!!  Oh, how I love my job.

Anyway, this is going to be a crazy couple of months.. Why you ask? Well...

Next week I travel to Thorne Bay on Prince of Wales Island (see the map at the bottom of the blog.. the island is down on the bottom right).  I will be teaching 24 teachers.  This is how crazy this trip is:
Anchorage to Juneau
Juneau to Sitka
Sitka to Ketchikan
stay one night
Ketchikan to Thorne Bay
stay three nights
Thorne Bay to Ketchikan
stay one night
Ketchikan to Niblack (a copper/zinc project)
stay one night
Repeat the process but in reverse order..  whew!

Following that trip I will be heading on vacation to see my old friends for 10 days.
**(Please God let there be sun)**

Following that trip, I get home and head right back out to go to Soldotna (on the Kenai Peninsula) to teach some more teachers.. will be there for 4 days.

Toss in an 8 hour a week practicum at the Pioneer Home (ol' folks home), 2 classes and work at the office-- I am going to be BUSY!! 

August 10, 2010

Bread feeds the body, indeed, but flowers feed also the soul. ~The Koran

Despite the dreary, rainy summer, my flowers are doing considerably well. They have come a long way and I just love them! Every day I walk outside and smell the fragrance of 20 different types of flowers and you can’t help but smile.

I did have an Oops moment with the flowers. I took the lazy way out after planting the bed on one side of my house. I bought a “roll of wildflower” seeds. Now, they are starting to pop up here and there but they are definitely taking their sweet time.

Either way, the planting, tilling, fertilizing, weed pulling and bees is all worth the joy of seeing one new little flower pop up.
Who would have thought flowers could be so great!!?