April 11, 2010

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

Something Old: Zoe Louise
Zoe will be 10 years old this year!  She and I have been together since she was a kitten back in Minneapolis. She has travelled with me state to state, city to city and  house to house.  She is cuddly, loving and sheds more than any animal on this planet.  Her personality mimics that of a woman going through, "the change".. One minute she is fine, cuddling up next to me as I pet her gently, and the next minute, WHAM, she is attacking me like a wolverine!  She thinks it's a game because she will hide under things and then jump out and attack me as I walk by.  It's actually quite amusing.   She refuses to drink out of a pet dish and will drink out of the bathroom sink (this is a recent development) or, as the picture above shows, my glass of water.  I think Zoe thinks she is human-- but I love her to death!

Something New: Currently Un-Named
On April 9, 2010 I purchased this 2009 Subaru Forester.  I had been researching cars for about 6 months and came to the decision to buy a Forester but I didn't want a boring ol' base model.  I had the guy at Subaru keep and eye out for a Forester that fit what I wanted- anything BUT a base model.  So, at 3pm on Friday I got the call that they had just (as in  the day before) got a car in and he was holding it for me.  He assured me that this car, "Was the One for Me!"..  It was.
I left work and headed over and we chit chatted and bs'd for awhile until I couldn't stand it any longer... Let me see the car!  There she was, all pearly white and gleaming- I was a little disappointed by the color because White has never been my favorite car color but ...
She has leather, heated seats.. she has climate control... she has a sunroof that is almost the size of the whole roof... she has heated windshield wipers...she has reclining back seats.. a huge cargo area.. 6-disc CD player.. traction control... and so much more.  I am in Love.. and the old saying that, "Good things come to those who wait".. is quite true.  I could have settled for something months ago when all my friends were pressuring me to buy and I didn't.. so There!

Something Borrowed: My Little Cabin

You sometimes hear that everything happens for a reason and I have become a firm believer in that.  Here is why-
I moved to Alaska in August of 2006 and lived with my brother. I joined a group of Newbies to Alaska and met Julie who lived in an adorable little house in a great part of town.  She told me that her neighbor lived in a cabin (pictured above) next door and was moving out -- this was in 2006-- keep that in mind.
Three years later and three houses later I am living with my boyfriend and all is well (so I thought).  I lose my job in February of 2009 and 4 months later find out he has been cheating on me for the entirety of our relationship.  I needed to get out pronto!  Luckily for me, my parents had just returned to Anchorage and the NEXT day were moving into an apartment. They graciously got a two-bedroom so I could live there. Now, as a 29 year old woman, I did not want or ever think that I would live with my parents again but I was so thankful for them during this time.  Literally two months later, Julie tells me that her neighbor is moving out! I didn't believe her because she had been "Moving Out" for the past 3 years... A week later, she was out.. I called the landlord and it was the funniest thing ever. This is the conversation:
Landlord-  Hello?
Beth- Hi, I am friends with Julie that rents from you and she said the house next door had opened and I'd like to take a look.
Landlord- Ok, come in 10 minutes.
Beth- Ok.
Beth arrives--
Landlord- We are painting it for you so that will be done before you move in.
Beth- Oh ok, sounds good.
Landlord- Here is the lease, sign here.
Beth, a little confused as this woman (who is about 85) does not know her from Adam. She doesn't know her name, if she has a job, or if she is a serial killer even!
Beth signs the lease, a little bit shocked that she is renting the cutest little house with a HUGE yard for the ridiculously cheap rent of $650/month.  I hit the jackpot with this little gem.  Will post interior pictures soon.

Something Blue: Those Eyes ♥
Enough Said ♥♥


  1. This is why I love blogs! I just caught up on so much of your life in 5 minutes. Yes, I should be a better friend and already know these things, but alas...I'm not. Lame. But yay on the cute cabin and fun new ride!

  2. Thanks! Well, when we live this far away from each other it's hard to stay tuned in!

  3. Nice cabin! Thanks for sharing your story online.

  4. Also, glad to hear that you found the courage to go back and live with your parents for a while, rather than shut them out to live with friends or other relatives. I'm sure your parents were thrilled to have you back for the time being.

    Also, good for you for fleeing that terrible situation with the ex! How horrible. Oh well, you have survived that and are probably stronger for it. So more power to you! Courageous of you to share these things.