November 22, 2014

It Lives Up to It's Name

No matter what you call it- Mount McKinley or Denali, the Athabascans got it right when they aptly named it, "The Great One". 

Marleanna and I decided to spend Thursday and Friday at her cabin in Willow to celebrate her being one year older (but not wiser we later learned) :)  We woke up Friday morning with plans to walk around on the frozen lake, visit neighbors, ride the quad and take a sauna. First and foremost, we wanted breakfast at the Willow Trading Post. After satiating our hungry bellies, we were homeward bound. Until... we crossed over the Parks Highway and looked to our right and saw this:

Ok not exactly this view, but similar, just further away. So, we decided to drive to Talkeetna to see if we could get a better peak. We did at the river:

And after hanging around town for an hour or so, we got this view from the a hill on the way out of town. The sun was just setting and it was amazing. Pictures really just can't do it justice. 

All in all it was a great time and I was reminded of the fact that I really do live in a truly spectacular place.