February 17, 2016

To Date or Not To Date?

At my age, I really cherish the friendships I have with other single women. Not that I don’t love my married/coupled friends, but my single friends and I have more in common… well, kind of.

So a few of my single friends and I have been having conversations asking whether or not we want to be in a relationship, or why we aren’t in one, or if there are particular reasons we haven’t found one that sticks. I know that I’m pretty picky, and having that elusive “spark” is important to me. I want someone who gets along with my friends and family and who enjoys the same things as I do.. blah blah blah.

It all got me to thinking about being single at 36 and if I really want to be in a relationship. So I created a pros and cons list that might help me decide (although very doubtful).


PROS                                                                                      CONS
Having a companion to do things with                        Feeling like you have to have them along for everything
Getting knocked up                                                         I can do it without a relationship (IVF,not being a slut)            
Being old by myself                                                         If they got older faster I’d have to take care of them
Sex                                                                                      I don’t think there is a con to this one..
Having someone to cook for                                          Unless they are picky and have a ton of allergies
Cuddling                                                                             Do not cuddle with my while sleeping. I hate that
                                                                                             Having to share my holidays with his family
                                                                                             Not being able to hang out with my friends all the time
                                                                                             I probably can’t have a household full of animals
                                                                                             I tend to date cheaters.. so there’s always that
                                                                                             I can’t move at a moment’s notice
                                                                                             I imagine they’d want me to shave my legs daily
Help cleaning my coop??                                                Hmm, maybe I do want a relationship
                                                                                             I like my alone time
No more first dates- I hate those
This is all off the cuff so this list is rather arbitrary-- but as you can see, my CON list is longer than my PRO list. What does that mean? More chickens, cats, moo-moos, and less razors. Sounds like a good plan to me.