April 27, 2010

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it's off to Seward we go!

Seward is one of my favorite places in Alaska. It's a small town nestled in the Resurrection Bay.  You are surrounded by mountains and water and it's amazingly beautiful (when it's nice out).  I got invited to road trip there (2.5 hour drive from Anchorage) with my friend Kristin and her friend Kathleen.  We are barely 20 minutes out of Anchorage, driving along Turnagain Arm when this is what we see on the cliffs above us:

The water heading towards Seward is the bluest of blues.  It is runoff from glaciers so the color is absolutely amazing.  My camera doesn't quite catch the aqua color of the blue but you get the idea:

Not only is the water beautiful, so is the wildlife.  We were excited to see sheep and just as excited to see this bald eagle perched in the tree.  They are kind of like moose.. no matter how many you see, there is still a sense of awe.

There is something about the bars in Seward. It might be that there are never any girls in there, it might be the different sort of folks you see in there (locals to fisherman to tourists).  There is only one thing wrong with the bars in Seward: you can smoke in them.  You are not allowed to smoke in Anchorage bars and one gets accustomed to clean bar air.. not the case in Seward.  After an hour, my eyes were on FIRE!  What helped that?  Running into two Norwegian guys who were a ton of fun to hang out with (and one was not too shabby to look at either)
We had a great time with these guys and they are heading up to Anchorage to join us for the remainder of their trip (I think they are camping in my yard)  :)
All in all, Seward was a great break to a busy week and I met a great new friend who I hope to visit in Boston one of these days!


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  2. im so happy you have fun where ever u go!!