July 22, 2013

Fish On!!

This past week has included tons of driving, lots of casts and a few Advil-- but it sure has been worth it! My buddy Matt invited me down to float the Kenai and fish at his parent's house.  I was hesitant to go at first because the last time I fished with Matt, we almost got eaten by bears.. but I decided to go anyway.

The first day, Matt took myself and two of his friends, Chuck and his wife Andy, down the Kenai in a boat (rowed by Matt).  We stopped to fish unsuccessfully a few times but the views and wildlife kept us intrigued.

Then we got back to the house to enjoy more fishing and a few catches.
The house backs up to the blue water of the Kenai River with a large patio area, fire pit and gazebo for shade.  The place was filled with people from California to Virginia who were enjoying this epic summer we're having here in Alaska.  I left with a cooler full of fish and a great experience under my belt.

Fast forward three days and my brother and I decide to try our luck at fishing.  Matt said to come on down and did!  We made the 2.75 hour drive in about 3 hours because of the ridiculous amount of traffic, but showed up to a beautiful day on the river.  We didn't catch much (Mike=2, Beth=0) but my time was spent making dinner and soaking up the sun.  The drive home was a horrible way to end an amazing week of fishing- cars backed up 2 hours south of Anchorage going 5-10mph almost the whole way home.  Add in being tired and having drank too much water and it was not a pleasant drive home!  
Either way, totally worth it.

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