August 13, 2013

It's that time of year again!!

What time you say? Canning time!

I happened to be in possession of 20lbs of pickling cucumbers and I am itching to get them pickled and canned.
Rather than use the same recipe I concocted last year, I've decided to try a few trial recipes.  I looked up 4 new recipes and made one jar of each to determine which one I liked best. 
The differences in the three aren't drastic, but the ratio of water/vinegar/salt is different, and one recipe called for apple cider vinegar rather than regular white vinegar.  One called for peppercorns and another one uses spices from a pickling packet (thanks Mom!).
I didn't can them so they are refrigerator pickles which means I'll be able to taste test them in the next week or so... stay tuned!

It's too bad that my pickle connoisseur friend Greg isn't here to help judge.

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