June 7, 2013

Epic Summer? I think so!

It isn't often I can wander around barefooted in my yard and be in fear of getting a sun burn.  But I can now, and I did! Although it took it's sweet time to get here, summer has been amazing so far, and not just the weather either!  I've endeavored to be a green thumb in the past and it hasn't worked out so well, so this summer, it's ON! 

I live in the heart of midtown in a tiny cabin with a nice big yard. My garden plot is underlaid with tree roots which has prohibited me to garden there in the past; but not this year!  With shovel and axe in hand, I took to tearing up the plot.  After digging out an area of about 3' x 5' I determined that was plenty big to plant my potatoes.  In all actuality, my back was killing me, my feet will never be clean again, and my karma is not looking good after all the earth worm and tree sapling killing I did. 

Here are a few pictures of my mad gardening skills in action. Don't forget, you can click on them to enlarge them.  

Front of the house has: chamomile, lavender, basil, radishes
My radishes are growing like crazy. Oddly enough, I'm not a huge fan.
Sorry it's sideways! My green onions, chives and garlic are doing great!
Growing lots of beets for pickling!
Brussel sprouts, tomatoes, and zuchinni. I am most excited about the brussel sprouts!

Zinnia, catnip and some pots with something in it. I can't remember!
In the foreground (blue box), carrots, and peas. Orange pots have herbs.  Long raised bed has pickling cucumbers. Ugly piece of white picket fence has beans in front of it.   My HUGE garden has potatoes, beets, and more cucumbers.

and lots of rhubarb.  Pie, pie, me oh my!

 Ok, let's cut to it. The garden is great and all, but what is even BETTER is that I am going to be getting some chickens.. this Sunday hopefully!  With the help of a friend I built a coop and it's ready to be inhabited by some chickens!  I cannot wait to collect eggs every day!

Seriously.. I can't wait!!

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