May 26, 2010

First sewing project of the year...

My boss loves dragonflies and as her birthday approached I decided to make her a wall hanging. I looked around for patterns but decided to go my own route: fly by the seat of my pants! I've never been one to use a pattern or recipe or even read directions for that matter.. I started the project two weeks ago (kinda forgot her birthday was fast approaching) and finished it last night (her birthday is today). I've never done beading before and I loved it! I made some cat tails out of beads and could have gone a bit overboard so I stopped myself while ahead.
I wound up at Michaels last night buying a few more things and the lady at the counter offered to buy my wall hanging for $75! I almost took her up on it--- As I pointed out all the oopses and mistakes of the piece she shook her head and said, "People like you shouldn't do art projects because you are too critical of your own work. Nothing will ever be perfect, leave it at that! I wouldn't have ever noticed that the bead was crooked!".. So, I left it at that and gave it to my boss today... she cried (which of course makes me uncomfortable so I told her to come talk to me when she was done crying).. Here's the final project:

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