May 3, 2010

Better luck next time!

My eldest brother Ben,our good friend Matt and I decided to go on a little road trip this weekend.  The weather was nice, the roads were clear and I had a new car I needed to break-in.  I decided we should go to Denali National Park because the boys had never been there before (or even close).  The drive itself is about 4 hours one way up a scenic road (the only highway in Alaska) through forests and mountains.

The reasons for my desire to go to Denali are simple:
A) The boys had never been there
B) It is beautiful
C) Normally you can only drive in 15 miles but
before tourist season (mid-May) you can drive in 30 miles.

1st Unfortunate Occurance
It wasn't pretty out! We are still in breakup time so the
 ground was muddy and the trees are still dead. Nothing pretty about it.

2nd Unfortunate Occurance
Riding in a car for 8 hours where all 3 people have entirely different tastes in music. 
 Thank God for headphones!

3rd Unfortunate Occurance
We can see ominous clouds in the distance.
We see a bit of rain.
We get to the park opening .....
the rain is gone.... but
We drive to Savage River which is the
normal "turn around point" 15 miles in.
Past that is a large ROAD CLOSED sign.
The extended road is closed. I could cry.
It is snowing so hard we don't even get out of the car.
We drive home.  :(

And Then...
On the way home...
We get to see this:

Denali aka: Mt.McKinley
You rarely see it out in full force like this because it is generally covered by clouds.
It was pretty spectacular... and no matter how many times you see it, it's still simply amazing.

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