September 22, 2012

So I'm a bit overzealous.....

I had big plans this year to plant a bountiful garden with herbs and veggies.  Unfortunately a little thing called Life had other plans and I ended up planting too late.  Although it was fun to see things grow, it isn't so fun to realize they aren't ever going to grow the actual veggies. Case in point: nice beet greens- no beets.  
  One thing that did/is/trying to survive the late planting, cold temperatures and tons of rain is my carrots.  As I walk by them everyday and wonder how they're doing, I get excited for the harvest. 
Unfortunately, I got a little too excited yesterday and thought, "I'll just pull one up to see how big they are!"  One led to two.. three.. four.. twelve.  I couldn't stop! Then I told myself I was just giving the other ones space to grow so the pulling continued.  I was so excited about my mini carrots that I ran over to my Polish neighbors to show them my bounty.  Instead of ooh's and awe's I got laughs and giggles. Fair enough.. Fair enough.  

  BUT-- Those little one bite nibblers were pretty tasty!

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