November 30, 2010

This was pretty Amoosing....

I work in the heart of midtown Anchorage where busy roads lead to numerous businesses and developments.  My office backs up to Cuddy Park which is a busy place for ice skating in the winter and kite flying in the summer.  Surrounding the park is our city library, Lowes and Home Depot.  One day I looked out my window to the park to see 4 HUGE bull moose making their way through the trees.  Every now and then one would butt another one and they'd lock horns.  They slowly made their way from tree to tree not paying any attention to the people on the ice rink or the busy parking lot in front of them.  Regardless of how many times I see moose, I am still in awe of their enormousness...  beautiful creatures those moose.

p.s. you don't ever see bull moose in packs like this..very unusual


  1. thats exactly what i told trini yesterday, its an amazing photo for sure

  2. Amazing that you captured that. Thanks for the thoughtful post also. Very interesting. And news to me!